Q&A with “The Queen of Dental Hygiene’s” Barbara Tritz

I'm very excited for today's post! Last week I got to talk with Barbara Tritz, RDH, the author of the blog The Queen of Dental Hygiene. If you have not seen her blog yet, please go check it out! It has amazing and informative posts about keeping your mouth clean and healthy. Without further ado, here [...]

Why You Should Time Your Teeth Brushing Sessions

Have you ever hovered around the microwave thinking "is my food done yet?" when there is still plenty of time left? Most likely. It probably also happens when don't have anything to do while you wait. No incoming texts or interesting Instagram posts to browse can make that "microwave" minute seem like forever. Now imagine yourself [...]

Why You Should Change Your Toothbrush Often

The average recommendation for a toothbrush's lifespan is around three months assuming twice-daily brushing habits, but do you know why that is? Some reasons include: Good hygienic practice The toothbrush becomes less effective Hygiene: While there isn't sufficient evidence yet that your toothbrush harbors harmful bacteria that builds up over time, it certainly doesn't hurt to be extra [...]

The Boka Classic Kit Part 1: First Impressions

My Boka classic kit finally arrived! As expected from their website, it came in a cleanly-packaged and well-designed box. Inside, it had a toothbrush (I ordered the mint green but you can also choose coral, tangerine, or blueberry) with its unique charcoal binchotan bristles, mint-flavored toothpaste, and (you guessed it) mint dental floss. Personally, I like the [...]

First Try Using PlaqSearch‚ĄĘ

As I am gearing up to try out various oral health products, starting with toothbrushes, I needed a way to "prove" the efficacy of the¬†various teeth-cleaning instruments. After some digging around, I found a potential candidate: PlaqSearch‚ĄĘ. PlaqSearch‚ĄĘ is a tablet that, after chewing and some rinsing,¬†leaves stains on the plaque on your teeth. New [...]

History of the Toothbrush

What better way to start off Molar System than by giving a brief overview of the history of the toothbrush. Have you ever wondered why we have to brush our teeth? How long have we been doing this for, and why don't animals have to brush their teeth? Back before toothbrushes existed, there was a thing called [...]

First post!

I'm excited to start this blog and provide a source for honest, in-depth product reviews and tips for improving oral hygiene. Disclaimer: I am not a dentist! However, I have a strong passion for oral health and want to do what I can to improve your teeth by providing the best information possible. Currently, I'm waiting for two orders [...]